Within the framework of CENTRSVET PRACTICUM project the Company holds a series of educational workshops. Our speakers are medical professionals, physicists, famous designers, professors of leading architectural universities and research institutions.
The guests share valuable information with the audience and educate them about the evolution of lighting, physics of light and its influence on people's lives. The speak on their projects and give practical advice on designer and architectural lighting.
Lectures will be useful for professional architects and designers and everyone who takes interest in modern lighting.

Project curator:

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Centrsvet has opened a lecture center. Our first lecture "Japanese diffused lighting" was held by our friend Vladimir Pirozhkov, a famous industrial designer. He spoke about the multidimensionality of Japanese lighting and its accent on the essence.

What color temperature do Japanese people prefer?
What lighting is used in restaurants in Japan?
How is lighting reflections and textures used?
You can find answers for these questions and many more in the new lecture by Centrsvet.

Vladimir Pirozhkov designed Toyota RAV4, Sukhoi Superjet 100 liner, SOCHI 2014 Olympic torch, new-generation spaceship and many more unique inventions.

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Today our guest is Alexander Kalinkin, Head of the Center for Sleep at the Lomonosov State University, expert of the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS), experienced somnologist. This lecture will be very useful for people who have trouble sleeping.

“Lighting defines life and activity, not only for humans, but for any living organism. Many states and conditions depend on lighting, especially sleep. This lecture will be dedicated to the aspects of how light influences lighting. We will speak about the ways light impacts both sleep and activity. We will also talk about light being a fundamental basis activity of humans and all living organisms.”

How did our sleep evolve?
What processes happen when we sllep?
Why do excess and lack of sleep adversely affect our health?

Find answers to there and many more questions in the new Practicum lecture.

Instagram: alexander_kalinkin_sleepexpert

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Ivan Khvaton, psychologist at Moscow Psychoanalisys Institute, gave a lecture on the psychology of color and perception of light as a part of Practicum project. In the lecture, we will talk about a wide range of topics: about how lack of lighting influences human psychological state, the role of color temperature in creating certain mood and mental states, the impact that lighting and its characteristics have in the development of psyche and brain at an early age, etc.

What is the physics and physiology of light?
Which factors influence our color preferences?
How does color and color rendering influence human behaviour?
How does lighting influence our vision and abilities for social adaptation?
How does light therapy help patients with mental disorders?

Watch the newest Practicum lecture to find out.

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Today, as a part of our Practicum project, we interviewed Nikolai Korzinov, Russian engineer and journalist. In this interview we will talk about who actually invented the first light bulb that illuminated the entire Russian Empire and Europe.

Is it true that Thomas Edison?
Who was Pavel Jablochkoff, the creator of electric lighting?
How dois "Russian light" conquer the world?

Find out the answers to these questions in Practicum's new interview.

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Sergei Vyatchanin, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor, Head of the Chair of Physics of Vibrations at the Moscow State University Physics Department, gave a lecture specially for Centrsvet's Workshop. Sergei spoke about the main stages of evolution of light and about scientific discoveries in this domain.

What is light?
How did the great physicists, chemists, opticians develop modern lighting from torch lights to the most cutting-edge lighting appliances?
How does science influence the development in technologies?
What is the difference between an incandescent lamp and modern LED lamps?

Find out the answers to these and many other questions in a new lecture from our Workshop.

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Slava Ushakov is an interior designer, he creates cool interiors and swears a lot.

We invited Slava to become a part of Practicum to tell us about the latest trends in interior lighting, about designer-client relations, problems and errors in designing and spoke about the right way to use lighting scenarios using Centrsvet track systems as an example.

How did Covid-19 and quarantine influence lighting?
What is the link between lighting at the house and a beautiful wife?
Find answers to all of these questions in the newest Practicum video.

Web: Instagram: bureau_remont

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Today Practicum welcomes Artyom Voronov, lighting designer and author of design and lighting design courses.

"Today I gave a lecture about architectural lighting for facades of private houses and territories. During the lecture we talked about the stages of creating a concept of architectural lighting that helped implement the concept."

This lecture will be helpful for those who is in the process of choosing lighting for their private house, facade or landscape.

What is architectural lighting?
How does it affect people's feelings and emotions?
What is the right way to light up your house?
Find out in our new video.

Web: Instagram: voronovlight

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We invited Dima Loginoff to tell us about his journey in lighting design.

Dima Loginoff is a world-renown Russian object designer. Dima's designer luminaires can be found everywhere around the world: in restaurants in Paris, in luxury homes in Miami, in hotels in Courchevel, in a church in Switzerland. In Moscow you can see golden luminaires by Dima Loginoff at Cartier boutique in GUM.

Lat year, Dima created AUROOM X capsule collection of luminaires made of pure brass specially for CENTRSVET.

How did Dima get involved in lighting design? How are collections created?
Find out the answers in the new video of "Practicum" with Dima Loginoff.

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Boris Uborevich-Borovskiy is Russia's leading architect, Chairman of the Moscow Society of Architects, professor at Moscow Architectural Institute.

A minimalist, he always stays true to himself on his creative path, and it can be seen not only in the style of his works, but most of all in the projects as an architect because he is convinced that "less architect is more".

CENTRSVET invited architect Boris Uborevich-Borovskiy to talk about lighting in residential interiors.

At the lecture Boris showed his project for singer Sergei Zhukov of Ruki Vverkh band and several examples of lighting at penthouses in Moscow.

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Misha Shaposhnikov is an interior designer with 8 years of experience, founder of Hot Walls studio and the creator of DESIGNER'S DIARIES YouTube channel. His channel is one of the most popular discussed on the Russian internet. At the moment he has over 850 000 subscribers. Over 6000 people have watched his online lessons and master classes.

In this interview Misha talks about how he has become a designer, how much he makes and which lighting he chooses for his home.

What is his experience with CENTRSVET?
What are his favorite CENTRSVET luminaires?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of INFINITY system?

Find out the answers in the new interview with YouTube's most popular designer.

Instagram: misha_des YouTube: Дневник Дизайнера

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